Towing Service: What It Is And Its Different Types

Towing refers to moving your vehicle from one location to another, which is done using a specialized tow truck. Typically, this is only utilized when a car is not operating or moving forward. However, even when they function correctly, vehicles may still need to be towed in other situations.

The towing service is used to remove a car from a no-parking zone when it is parked there. After buying a new car, several people in Oakland County utilize towing services to transport it home from the showroom.

What Vehicles Can Be Towed And What Services Are Provided

When a driver is not able to or should not drive a vehicle, towing services are typically hired. Are you curious if towing services are available for all kinds of automobiles? If so, then sure, it is true. Numerous towing businesses tow motorcycles, cars, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycle trailers, passenger cars, and many more vehicles.


Numerous towing businesses offer heavy-duty towing services. Garbage trucks, mini-size buses, machinery, mobile homes, and semi-tractor trailers are examples of heavy-duty towing. The vehicle type, total distance, and the time of day are some variables that will affect how much towing services will cost.


There is a wide range of services that are included in the towing services. Here are some standard services that are offered alongside towing: 

  • Crash (on the road or with another vehicle) 
  • No fuel 
  • Overheated engine
  • Transmission trouble 
  • Automobiles stuck in mud, snow, etc. 
  • Jump-start for battery 
  • Flat tire

What Are Different Types Of Towing Services

Here are different types everyone should be aware of. 

  • Flatbed Towing Services 

A flatbed tow truck is utilized in flatbed towing. The truck’s flatbed is reduced to the ground. A hydraulic winch system raises the truck’s bed by dragging the car up. Before shipment, the truck bed is leveled after the car is on it, and the vehicle is safely chained down.

  • Wheel Lift Towing Services 

Wheel lifts can be used to pull the majority of compact cars and light trucks, but they can not be used to haul 4WD or all-wheel drive vehicles. Before the car’s drive wheels are raised, a yoke is put under each of them to tow the automobile on its non-drive wheels.

  • Light and Medium Duty Towing Services 

Breakdowns, flat batteries, lockouts, running out of fuel, or towing of small to medium-sized vehicles are typically categorized by firms as light or medium-duty towing services. The majority of compact automobiles, motorcycles, vans, and tiny vehicles can benefit from these services. 

  • Heavy Duty Towing Services 

Wreckers or rotators are big recovery vehicles used in heavy-duty towing services. Large automobiles, tractors, trailers, big machinery, and much more can all be recovered by them. Large hydraulic winches and cords that are part of wreckers’ equipment can raise, haul, and even rotate huge automobiles.

  • Closed Container Towing Services

The closed container with a truck is also used for towing and is one of the safest ways to tow vehicles in Oakland County. That is why this method is utilized chiefly for towing sports cars, expensive vehicles, vintage cars, and so on.

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