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Henderson Towing takes several precautions to ensure your vehicle is not damaged during towing, including using soft straps, padding contact points, and carefully selecting the appropriate towing method for your vehicle type.

Yes, our towing services at Henderson Towing are fully insured to protect both our customers and their vehicles in the event of an accident or damage.

Absolutely, Henderson Towing has the equipment and experience to safely recover vehicles stuck off-road, in ditches, or other difficult situations.

Yes, Henderson Towing can assist with vehicle recovery after an accident, working with law enforcement and insurance companies as needed to ensure a smooth process.

Yes, Henderson Towing specializes in towing classic and high-value vehicles, using specialized equipment and techniques to protect your valuable investment.


Our tow truck operators at Henderson Towing are certified and trained in the latest towing techniques, safety protocols, and customer service practices.

Henderson Towing follows all local regulations and procedures for abandoned vehicle towing, working with law enforcement and property owners to ensure proper handling.


Yes, Henderson Towing can tow vehicles that are not registered or insured, as long as the request comes from the legal owner or authorized party.


Yes, Henderson Towing offers secure long-term storage options for towed vehicles, with competitive rates and 24/7 access for our customers.

Henderson Towing only tows vehicles without the owner’s consent when authorized by law enforcement or property owners in accordance with local regulations.

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