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Important Things to Know Before You Call a Michigan Towing Company

When it comes to towing services in Michigan, there’s only one company to call: Henderson Automotive LLC! For years, our locally-owned and operated, fully licensed and insurance Michigan two truck company has been providing the motorists of Michigan with 24/7 emergency roadside assistance. From flat tires to collisions and everything in between, for fast, reliable, and affordable towing, you can count on Henderson Automotive LLC to get you out of a bind!

How to Prepare for Towing Services near you

When you lock your keys inside your car, you get a flat tire, your vehicle breaks down on the side of the road, or you’re in a collision, you’re going to want to call a reputable Michigan towing company. Before you do, however, rather than just calling at a whim, it’s highly recommended that you are ready to provide some key pieces of information.

If you’re properly prepared, you’ll not only help the towing professional, but you’ll also help to make the process go a lot smoother and quicker, which will be hugely beneficial for you!

So, what do you need to do to prepare? To ensure the towing process is a success, here are some vital pieces of information that you’re going to want to gather and have on-hand before you call a Michigan tow truck company.

Your Location

First and foremost, you need to know your location. In fact, of all the information the towing service will need to know, your location is the most important. After all, if they don’t know where you are, how are they going to be able to find you and bring you the help you need?

If you know exactly where you are, that’s great! If you don’t however, you’re going to want to figure out your location. If your vehicle has built-in GPS, use it to determine where you are.

If your car doesn’t have GPS or it isn’t available, try using the GPS on your phone. If neither is an option, examine the surrounding area to try and determine where you are.

If there are businesses, such as gas stations, restaurants, or retail establishments nearby, ask employees or patrons for details about the location, or ask passersby for their input.

Auburn Hills, MI

If asking someone isn’t an option, look for street signs and landmarks and relay those details to the towing service. A credible Michigan tow truck company will be very familiar with the Michigan area or will use the information you provide to research and determine where you are located.

Your Vehicle

The towing company is also going to need some details about your vehicle. They’ll want to know the make and model of your car, the color, and any distinguishing features; decorative features, such as bumper stickers, for example.

A Michigan will also need to know what’s wrong with your vehicle and the condition that it’s in. For instance, do you need help with a flat tire, is your engine overheating, or were you involved in a collision? It’s crucial for the towing service to know what services you require so that they are prepared to provide you with the assistance you need.

Destination Address

If you need towing services because your vehicle has broken down or you’ve been involved in an accident, it may not be drivable. If that’s the case, the Michigan tow truck company is going to need to know the address of the destination that you want to have the car towed to.

Examples of destinations you might want to have your car towed to include your Michigan home, a family member’s house, a mechanic, or an auto body shop. By providing this information beforehand, the towing company can make the appropriate plans; for instance, if you’re far from the final destination, the company can prepare to provide long-distance towing.

Looking for a Reputable Tow Truck Company Near You?

No matter the reason, if you’re ever in need of reliable towing services, contact the company that Michigan drivers trust most: Henderson Automotive LLC. Dial 313-837-7777 any time of the day or night and one of our licensed professionals will arrive and have you out of that jam in no time!

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